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May 2018
by GSG

Global Savings Group is bringing CupoNation to New Zealand

Global Savings Group, a leading global provider of Commerce Content Solutions, is launching its premium discount code portal, CupoNation, in New Zealand, bringing large discounts and savings opportunities to all online shoppers across the country.

Munich/Wellington, May 29, 2018 – The Global Savings Group (GSG), a leading global provider of Commerce Content Solutions, launches its premium discount code portal CupoNation in New Zealand. Savvy shoppers in New Zealand can reach the website via

The Global Savings Group, founded in Munich in 2012, is currently operating over 100 digital portals and tools in 23 countries around the world. Its portals connect commerce to content, offering product discovery, recommendations, deals, and discounts, which, in turn, help consumers to make smarter shopping decisions by connecting them to relevant offerings, provided by their favorite retailers and brands.

The CupoNation brand is already present in 20 markets around the globe. In Asia Pacific it has already been launched in Singapore (2013), Australia (2014), Malaysia (2016), and in Indonesia (2018). By launching in New Zealand, the GSG is continuing its growth strategy in Asia Pacific, Oceania, and beyond.

«We are constantly exploring growth opportunities that allow us to offer savvy shoppers worldwide the best deals and discounts, helping them to save on purchases from their favourite retailers. New Zealand has a rapidly growing economy with a fast-growing e-commerce market. Thus bringing our service to New Zealand, and adding a globally proven commerce content solution to the local ecosystem, is a logical step for us.»

Igor Shapiro, Managing Director Global Savings Group Asia Pacific and Oceania
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The Google Consumer Barometer Survey shows that 86 percent of New Zealand’s population accesses the internet daily for private reasons, spending on average about 6 hours a day online via any device. Almost every tenth online shopper in New Zealand searched for coupons and promotions, helping to make their online purchase decision, the Google Consumer Barometer Survey reveals.

 «CupoNation is gaining popularity in the Pacific markets. We will not only bring value to the local online shoppers but also retailers and brands will profit. We see promising market potential and high spending potential. Our aim is to generate significant value by attracting savvy shoppers to their portals, thereby increasing consumer base and revenues. We are confident about becoming the leading discount code portal in New Zealand in the next months.»

Marko Stricevic, Operational Lead Global Savings Group Asia Pacific and Oceania

Although online shopping is still only a small proportion of the retail market, making up roughly 7.6 percent of total retail, online retail is growing rapidly in New Zealand. According to BNZ’s Online Retail Index, annual national online spending is estimated at $4.2 billion (excl GST) (US$ 2.96 billion). Last month New Zealanders spent about $200 million (US$ 140 million) on domestic retailers and $150 million (US$ 105 million) on international retailers.

A recent survey of the International Post Corporation found that China (32%), USA (24%), and Australia (20%) are the leading countries for New Zealanders to purchase abroad. Spending on overseas sites was especially strong in November 2017, particularly in electronics, reflecting a greater awareness of international retail events like Black Friday and Singles Day, that are heavily penetrating local retail markets.

«We want to create connections to transform global digital commerce. Our aim is to help millions of consumers around the world to make better shopping decisions and advertisers to establish direct links to their consumers, by providing aggregated access to audiences across portals and markets. By launching CupoNation in New Zealand, we are strengthening our position in the Asian Pacific markets as well as further improving our position as a global leading provider of commerce content solutions.»

Andreas Fruth, Managing Director and Co-Founder of the Global Savings Group

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