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By providing readers with shopping inspiration and commerce content, we support publishers in acquiring new users and driving additional monetisation.

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GSG has been pioneering partnerships with the media that encourage the full integration of our commerce content services. Especially since shopping has become an integral part of people’s lives, there is a need for new stories in the press that inspire readers to make smart, fair, and enjoyable purchases.

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We provide publishers with new ways to generate revenue by creating relevance online as well as strengthen relationships between publishers and readers in a digital world.

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Mail Online
GSG has been a great business accelerator in fully setting up the portal from content to account management. We are confident the performance of our partnership will keep growing with the depths of our cooperation!
GSG’s deep e-commerce and affiliate knowledge are key success factors of this long-term cooperation. It enables us to upgrade our offering and boost our digital revenues.
El Pais
GSG has been one of our key partners over the last five years. GSG's technical excellence and innovative approach are essential in our digital business strategy. The GSG partnership is a key factor to our digital growth

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