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Advertising Trends
October 2020
by Laura Meunier

Can Digital Commerce Save This Year’s Black Friday?

Winter is coming, but will a surge in the Coronavirus accompany it?

As the second wave of Coronavirus infections surges across Europe, we should definitely be focusing more on what will happen this autumn and winter in retail sales. This is especially important considering that many experts have warned that the virus’ spread can be accelerated in colder, darker months, as well as when we spend more time indoors together. One particular survey highlighted that the virus can survive outside the body for up to ten times as long in colder conditions.

Of course, we now know a lot more about this virus than we did half a year ago and  this has encouraged people to implement smart measures like washing hands, social distancing and the wearing of masks in order to slow the virus’s spread. But with more and more people tiring of the restrictions and flouting basic rules, at some point the only way to really stop continued spread is another lockdown, despite most politicians’ continual denials.

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