Our Consumer Portals. Products loved by millions.

GSG’s own consumer portals provide millions of members with personalised, exclusive rewards and offers that fit their own unique lifestyles. At the same time, they also deliver brands and retailers a real, lasting way to directly connect with a targeted, loyal audience that loves to shop, and moreover trusts and values the rewards, and offers we recommend.

Deals Communities

Pepper. The world's largest shopping community.

In 2023, GSG joined forces with Pepper, the world’s largest shopping community. With more than 500 million monthly pageviews across sites in Europe, the Americas, and Asia, Pepper communities are amongst the most visited eCommerce sites in the world.

Over 25 million monthly users worldwide.

"Been using this site since its inception. One of the best sites on the Internet to discover things that you never knew existed, that you didn't realise you needed and all at great prices."

Pepper communities are amongst the most frequently visited eCommerce websites in the world.

Cashback Portals

iGraal. The reward community that is taking Europe's loyalty sector to new heights.

iGraal has been rewarding its loyal members for over ten years. Today its reward community has millions of members in France, Germany and Spain. Together with GSG, we have over 12 million members.

iGraal is the leading Cashback provider in Europe, but the team at iGraal never rests; they’re always there with ideas and services that help their shopping community to get more out of life as they connect them with the most relevant brands.

Leader of cashback in continental Europe.

Offers Cashback to millions of members in France, Germany, and Spain.

"Always nice to get cashback easily!”

120€ cashback is the yearly average that a member gets.

*iGraal data, 2021 (for iGraal and Shoop)
Global Savings Group - Save Money With Shopping

Other solutions and services including website, mobile applications, inspirational blog, newsletter, and browser extensions.

Shoop. Germany's No.1 Cashback platform.

The Berlin-based loyalty platform offers customers cash rewards with its network of more than 2,000 online merchants and top-tier brands. The platform’s members have saved €21+ million in 2021 in Cashback with Shoop.

Global Savings Group - Shoop Image

Market leader in Cashback in Germany

Millions of purchases are made through Shoop each year.

Browser Extension

Pouch. From popular browser extension to a rewarding shopping assistant.

The innovative browser extension that saves savvy shoppers both time and money looking for the best discounts started as the choice of all the dragons (top business leaders) on the popular UK series Dragons Den has become a real British success story thanks to its partnership with GSG.

Today Pouch is more than a piece of smart technology more than a brand – our loyal members are connected together through their love of shopping and rewards. Served by an ever-growing portfolio of services across the consumer journey that now includes Pouch Points.

Global Savings Group - The reward community.

Pouch Points allows users to earn extra loyalty points online as well.

The UK’s original money-saving browser extension.

Works with over 3,000 stores.

Global Savings Group - Money Saving