Global Savings Group - Hybrid working

Hybrid working opens up new ways to balance life and career

We want to give employees the freedom they need to maximise their lives, whilst fostering the connections that are so important in the creative process. That’s why we have three models of working that are built around the basis of spending 40% of an employee’s working time in the office:

  1. The first is where the team member lives and works locally, agreeing with their lead on days where they should meet up in the office.
  2. The second is where the employees are given the option to spend up to six weeks depending on the country they are stationed in, to work from abroad.
  3. The third is where an employee gets permission to work in another country that is different from their first place of employment. Though here a lot of legal conditions come into force.

We believe that this flexible way of working opens up opportunities for all, and will shape our future for years to come.