Global Savings Group - Help People

It takes people to really help people.

We are one group, but we’re really proud of our parts, our people, and how we all work together across different time zones, uniting cultures, and nationalities.

Just walk into any of our offices and you enter a lively environment with people from different backgrounds connecting across sofas, corridors, desks, dining tables, and of course ping pong tables.

We’re united by our love of innovation, technology, and challenge. In fact, it’s hard to pass a computer screen that isn’t filled with a radical new design, some amazing code, or a picture of a cute puppy or kitten. Okay, a puppy isn’t really innovative, but allowing pets in the office is, and be honest it’s something most of us really enjoy. Just like the massive piles of parcels that arrive every day from Amazon, Zalando, Asos, and the thousands of brands and retailers we support.

Basically, GSG isn’t just a people’s company, it’s a shoppers’ company made up of people who speak lots of different languages including Java, enjoy tons of different cuisines, have a curiosity for technology, a love for pets, and a passion for checking out with some very smart purchases. In other words, we understand consumers because we are consumers too.