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Manuela Gómez Kure - Data Analyst
July 2023
by GSG

Manuela Gómez Kure, Data Analyst talks about the support and research she provides as GSG and e-commerce evolves into the future.

Hi Manuela, can you tell us briefly about yourself, studies and interests?

I’m Spanish and although I have been living in Madrid for 6 years, I grew up in Cadiz, a coastal city in the south of Spain. At the age of 18, I moved to Madrid to start my studies in Business Management at IE University. I must say I learnt a lot during those 4 years, and not only from a personal level, but also I discovered my passion for market insights, and consumer behavior. I found it thrilling diving into the minds of consumers, understanding their purchasing behavior, as well as diving into the trends in the market and seeing how they change over time.

I did a couple of internships throughout my university years and they helped me realize that research was the area I wanted to focus on once I finished studying.

Besides my interest in research, during my free time I love cooking. Whether it is something sweet or salty I find cooking a great opportunity to gather my family and friends together to spend a great time around food, good wine and good music.

Another passion of mine is traveling. Since I was little I have had the opportunity to discover new countries and immerse myself in their culture.

Cadiz, Spain.

Madrid, Spain.

How did you discover GSG?

LinkedIn for me has always been a great source to find new job opportunities. Once I finished my internship at PayPal in product marketing, I wanted to specialize in the field of research and data, and scrolling through LinkedIn I came across GSG. I did some research about Global Savings Group and what they did and from the first moment I knew it would be the best fit for me.

What made you choose GSG over other options?

I felt like the position and the company fitted perfectly with what I was looking for. When I completed the interview I knew I was making the right choice. Global Savings Group is the right choice for anybody looking for an international environment, everyone whether it is in your team or not, is super friendly and willing to help in whatever way is needed. I also love the flexibility GSG offers you.

How does your average day in life at GSG unfold?

I have always been an early bird, so I usually start my working day at 8:00/8:30. During the first half hour I go through different resources to see if there are news, market reports/articles that could be interesting from a research perspective.

Once I have done that, I tend to go through my ‘To Do’ list that includes ad hoc requests from other teams, reports that I may be working on, competitors analysis. Then I shut myself off and concentrate on the different things according to their level of prioritization. I’m very task oriented, so I like to focus on one thing at the time, gradually ticking off my tasks throughout the day.

Finally, once I’ve finished my working day, I like to activate my body by doing some exercise. I usually do some Pilates, Ciclo or a HIIT routine. I find that it’s important to respect both your body and mind.

Tell us about some of your milestones in your career at GSG?

As a research analyst at GSG, I have had the opportunity to make significant contributions and achieve notable benchmarks during my time here. One of the key achievements was conducting and sharing in-depth competitor analysis to identify upcoming market trends and opportunities.

Moreover, last month I was given the chance to start supporting People & Culture as a Business Operations manager too. It’s been an exciting month which has involved a lot of learning as I have got to know more about the P&C team, and supporting them with tasks such as roadmap tracking, reporting and communications.

How has your work with the strategy team developed over the last months and years?

As I already just touched on, but now I want to go into a bit more detail, my work has been centered around providing valuable insights and analysis to support strategic decision-making. I’ve conducted market research, gathered data, and analyzed industry trends which I then posted in our then ‘Spark’ channel on Slack (which has now been integrated in our values channel) for colleagues across GSG to be aware, so more of our teams understand what’s happening in the market and its importance.

This research goes beyond identifying the next trend or opportunity, it’s also about giving our people the market knowledge they need to prove our usefulness and competitiveness. After all there is a real science to what we do. I leverage various research methodologies and data sources in my collection and analysis. This includes conducting secondary research, running through market reports, monitoring industry news, and utilizing data analytics tools. By synchronizing and interpreting this data, I am able to provide actionable recommendations that help shape our strategic direction and strengthen our belief in what we do and how we empower consumers to get more out of life.

Can you go into your expanded role as a Business Operations Manager a little bit deeper?

Apart from my research analyst role, a couple of months ago I was given the opportunity to support P&C as ExecOps Manager. My role dives into the heart of GSG organization’s success by effectively managing P&C strategies and ensuring synchronization throughout the company.

I serve as the go-to person for P&C-related information and contribute to various tasks such as slide preparation, documentation, and facilitating management meetings.

I play a vital role in fostering seamless communication within the department and across the organization, ensuring everyone is on the same page. Additionally, I assist in business planning, review processes, and project management, acting as a bridge between P&C and other teams. Together, we strive to drive our company forward and achieve our objectives.

Can you share some market learnings and insights?

There are probably no big surprises here as these insights are part of longer termed developments, but they are important to note:

1. Inflation is lowering, as spending on travel gets higher.

The decrease in inflationary pressures across Europe brings good news for households, providing some respite. In June, the consumer price index dropped to 5.5%, a decline from the previous month’s 6.1%. Concurrently, there is an encouraging surge in enthusiasm for summer holidays among consumers.

This year, 78% of Europeans express a strong and growing excitement to travel, marking a notable 6-point increase compared to 2022. Notably, 75% of Europeans now intend to travel during the summer, showcasing a significant 4-point rise and representing the highest score since 2011. Even with adaptations being made to address inflation, such as offering cheaper accommodations and last-minute deals, there will be no reduction in travel duration.
With inflation easing and an increased desire for summer travel, the forecast looks promising for an enjoyable and fulfilling holiday season.

2. Sustainability demand is on an upward trend:

One of the most important consumer behavior trends moving forward is looking for sustainable and ethical products. In fact, research has shown that sustainable products have been witnessing 5.6x higher average sales growth than unsustainable products. eCommerce businesses should respond to this trend by making changes to their operations and product offerings. Already, many businesses are now offering more eco-friendly packaging options using biodegradable and recyclable materials. Some eCommerce businesses even took it a step further and provide detailed information to customers about the environmental impact of their products.

I’m proud that at GSG we work together with Wilderness International to offer brands a solution where they can link their offers to a donation that helps fund the protection of the Peruvian rainforest. It is not available in all our markets yet, but every month as more brands get involved the area we protect widens.

3. Rise of Omni-Channel retail

Omnichannel retail refers to a seamless shopping experience that integrates online and offline channels, such as brick-and-mortar stores, e-commerce websites, and mobile apps. In 2023, retailers will continue to invest in omni-channel strategies to meet the changing needs of consumers and provide a consistent, convenient shopping experience across all channels.

Apart from the actual work at GSG, what makes life at GSG fun also?

I would highlight two things:

1. Lunch times: I love this time of the day as you always get to speak to colleagues that don’t usually work close to you. It is nice to meet people and learn about what they do at GSG.

2. Afterworks: Once a month we do an afterwork. I always look forward to it because we always do fun activities and you get to interact with everyone.

If you are interested in finding out more about a career in GSG please visit the careers section on our website.

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