Career at GSG
June 2023
by GSG

Meet Valerie and Nacho, two members of our Key Account Management on their lives and careers at GSG.

Valerie Salsabila, Account Executive for over 11 months in the team in London for GSG. And a proud YouTube channel owner with over 85k subscribers, particularly Gen Zers, who like to follow her life and experiences in the UK, as she progressed from study to work.

Nacho Gómez Adán, 5 years a GSGer and part of the Spanish KAM team for Connect in Madrid. He also has his own company which is focused on the development of mobile sports applications monetized through affiliation.

Our first question to all, how did you discover GSG? 

“My best friend from university worked within the affiliate marketing industry upon graduation, and she was always telling so many great things about the industry that I thought this is a career for me to. So I decided to contact a recruiter that specializes in this industry and they said that there was a vacancy for an Account Executive at GSG, and another role from the network side.” Valerie Salsabila
“Before working for GSG, I worked for one of its top partners in the industry, Tradedoubler as a Publisher Manager. It was at the beginning of my career in affiliation that I learnt about GSG as the biggest coupon site in the ES market. I still remember that it was renowned for Cuponation at that time, and its number 1 publisher ranking in Spain in terms of coupons. On top of that, its great parties were legendary.” Nacho Gómez Adán

So what made made you choose GSG? 

“I chose GSG for a number of reasons. First and foremost, I always have a look on Glassdoor about the company, what have previous employees have said about working there, and I only seemed to read positive reviews on that site. Second, the role itself is was appealing to me. I would get to work on my own set of brands, helping them grow, whilst maintaining a long lasting relationships with them. Third, the benefits are great! I love the hybrid model of working 2 days in the office a week and 3 days at home, GSG is partnered with Vitality which allows me to get free glasses every year, and the number of holidays I get per year is generous. It seems to me that GSG is a company that looks after its employees, which is so important to me personally.” Valerie Salsabila

“To be honest I wanted to be part of the best company in the market which for me was GSG, I remember everyone saying that GSG was the top publisher in Spain and that they had some of the best professionals in the business. I wanted to learn from the best professionals, so for me there was no other option, I had to try to join GSG if I wanted to be a highly qualified professional in affiliate marketing.” Nacho Gómez Adán

What’s your role and responsibilities in GSG? 

“I work as an Account Executive with a portfolio of 40 brands within the tech & sports vertical. My role is to maximize actions and results. My day to day responsibilities include running the brands affiliate activities with GSG including Annual and Quarter planning, creating proposals, negotiating CPA rates and tenancies, analysis of various campaigns and other client facing responsibilities.

Brands trust and work with us, because we can tailor our solutions to fit their identity. I’m proud of the breadth of reports that I’m helping to run and the quality of insightful data that I’m able to share with them, from reports on market share analysis and post campaigns run throughs.

Outside of my main role, I’m currently working on 2 individual projects which are our the B2B newsletter, and the running of GSG’s internal Instagram account for the UK.” Valerie Salsabila

“At the moment I am working as Key Account Manager and leader of the Spanish KAM team, this means that my main responsibilities are not only managing a portfolio of brands, but acting as a role model for others around me. Helping the rest of the team during the most challenging situations and trying to give them all the feedback and background I have from my own experience in terms of good practices, problem solving and internal communication.

On a day-to-day basis I am very used to managing relationships with partners and clients, closing deals that allow me and the team to achieve our team’s KPIs.

As Valerie mentioned at GSG we love data and are always checking all kinds of internal metrics for our clients to raise their performance. Our reputation and success is helping me create new and long term relationships with major brands in the technology vertical.

On top of this I’m also the main SEM project manager for the Spanish market, which comes with a lot of responsibilities including the managing of internal processes between the SEM, KAM and Editorial teams.” Nacho Gómez Adán

When there’s so much to do, how can you manage your everyday?

“I literally split my day into different segments.

In the morning I start with a plan on what’s been done so far, before proceeding to checks on what live at the moment, which involves analyzing data, pulling reports and creating slides.

Then in the afternoon, once everything is up to date I conduct my meetings both internal and external, before finishing the day on adhoc tasks from our meetings and preparation for the next day.” Valerie Salsabila

“I do something very similar to Valerie but instead of segments I like to divide my day into ‘Topic Hours’ which makes it much easier for me to work and focus on what is really important.” Nacho Gómez Adán

Nacho, with 5 years of experience working within the GSG can you share some of your learnings on teamwork.

“Since I joined the KAM team, I have felt very supported by it, it has changed a lot but its glue remains strong.

My first manager, Juan Mazzota, was like a teacher to me, always close and interested in my opinion and way of working, thanks to him and my former colleagues I went from being a junior to a professional in the company.

Today, all my former colleagues have moved on to other teams in the group or other things with the exception of Adrián, my current manager, who has empowered me a lot, propelling me as part of the team in a position of greater responsibility.

GSG’s emphasis on teamwork is what drives me to start everyday with confidence and passion.” Nacho Gómez Adán

Nacho, can you also tell us about some of your milestone moments?

“I very proud of my progress from Key Account Manager I to Key Account Manager II to Team leader, each followed a milestone in my development. But my ultimate milestone moment, challenge and personal Everest came when we had a major shift within our team and my manager went on a 6 months paternity leave. Suddenly I had to take the head’s tasks and try to retain the great numbers we were known for achieving. With a very keen but also very new team we were able to come together and not only maintain the good metrics and collaborations, but also increase our global performance. It was really hard work, but worth it.” Nacho Gómez Adán

Valerie as the newest to GSG, why should brands invest more of their marketing budget in our solutions?

“It all comes down to consumer-centricity and performance. The Global Saving Group has become a group with a broad portfolio of solutions that can empower consumers wherever they are in their purchase journeys. So whatever the brand’s goals and KPIs are, we’re able to provide a solution that converts.” Valerie Salsabila

Apart from the actual work at GSG, what makes life at GSG so fun?

“The people. Definitely the people. Work becomes more enjoyable when you work with people that you enjoy. They’re all very supportive, caring, and we have lots of fun! All in all, it’s just such a great work culture to be in. We have fun monthly events as well and parties which I always look forward to.” Valerie Salsabila

“I think one of the best things about working at GSG is the good vibes with any colleague inside or outside the Hub. Everyone is open to talk freely about any topic related or not to our work. It’s our deep understanding of the business that gives us the confidence to succeed. And as we succeed GSG really gives back, this can be seen in measures such as teleworking, flexible hours or vacation days, which makes working in the company a very good experience. I look forward to getting out of bed in the morning to start work.

And, our Xmas parties are some of the best moments to come to Madrid’s hub if you want to get to know the way we live here :)” Nacho Gómez Adán

Finally you both have your own extra projects outside of GSG that you are developing further, how does your learnings from GSG help in their development?

“It definitely helps with my confidence and communication skills. Working as an Account Executive at GSG you have to have excellent communication skills with clients when giving presentations or meeting them in person. I’ve realized ever since I’ve joined GSG, I have become more assertive, clear, and concise when I talk in front of the camera or when I collaborate with other youtubers or people.” Valerie Salsabila

“As the app I am developing is mainly monetized through the affiliation model, without a doubt everything I have learned during my time at GSG has been fundamental, from the technical implementation of the links to knowing perfectly the use of the different platforms and of course knowing how to analyze metrics that later allow to establish “realistic” forecasts.

But besides everything technical, one of the most important things I’ve learnt is that you always need to think of the real benefits to the consumer first.” Nacho Gómez Adán

If you are interested in finding out more about a career in GSG please visit the careers section on our website.

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