We need to scrutinize the way we work, our role in society, and our positive impact on the world we all live in. Our ESG project (Environment-Social-Governance) is therefore central to our whole future. 

We made the first steps  to greater sustainability.

The future of the world is in our hands, and sadly, the effects of global warming can be seen all around us. That’s why GSG has started a series of actions under the ESG project  (Environment-Social-Governance) that will improve the sustainability of our business, doing our part to ensure a brighter future for all.  Like making sure that our offices are carbon neutral to pioneering commercial initiatives that also donate money to save our rain forests to looking for ways to encourage people to make more sustainable purchases.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion play an ever greater role in the running of our organisation.

Global Savings Group takes decisive steps to encourage and integrate diversity and inclusion in our company.  Starting with hiring processes and ending with our day to day activity, we actively stand against discrimination of any kind.
Our team regularly organises events and shares educational materials on various topics around the theme of diversity that increase belonging. We also actively celebrate holidays from across the globe and share one another’s cultural experiences.
Join us in, as we remove both the invisible and visible barriers in society.

Structure, values, transparency, reporting, security, and systems are essential in business today.

Good Governance in support of sustainability is crucial in meeting both today’s and tomorrow’s needs. Simply put, it provides the structure and foundation for all the three ESG components and is a set of internal structures, processes and procedures created by our company to enable greater transparency and accountability.

We are presently in the process of launching various channels and tools that will bring our governance to the very highest of standards.