We really enjoy playing too?

The last two years of the pandemic have been pretty challenging for all of us, as we as all have have put health and safety at the forefront of our lives. We’ve zoomed, we’ve posted, we’ve emailed, we’ve even met-up in small groups when Covid numbers were low.

So far 2022 has been very different as we slowly return to work and life as normal. Because at GSG we believe that to really be innovative we don’t just need to work hard or smart, we need to have a lot of fun.

Here are a few things we’re starting to bring back to make life more exciting, and a lot more which we plan to bring back very soon. Expect more details very soon.

Virtual meetups

Fridays at five

Pet friendly policy

Cross agency get togethers

Useful and Fun channels

Indoor sports

Team events

Breakfast and lunches together

Return to party

And a lot of smart shopping