Advertising Trends
June 2022
by GSG

Laura Meunier and other top-notch industry experts discuss the blurred lines within affiliate marketing

On June 9th 2022, Global Savings Group’s Global Commercial Director Laura Meunier will represent our company in the Rakuten Advertising International Collective (RIAC) panel discussion. She and other panellists, including Dean Ashour, Digital Marketing Manager at FitFlop, Han Li, Head of Affiliate & Partnerships at 24S, and Simon Bird, CEO of RevLifter, will talk about Blurred Lines Within Affiliate Marketing, moderated by James Little, Group Digital Director at Top Cashback.

The panellists will reflect on how affiliate marketing was viewed as the last click, conversion only channel for a long time. However, new strategies and publisher innovation have propelled it forward, causing the lines to blur with other marketing channels. Now a strategic digital player that marketers can’t ignore, how can affiliate marketing be used to support broader business objectives and work in tandem with other channels?

Join members from the Rakuten Advertising International Collective as they discuss the blurred lines within affiliate marketing. Specifically, this session will explore:

  • The convergence of performance and brand marketing
  • How the affiliate channel can support paid social strategies
  • Affiliate Marketing vs Partner Marketing
  • The evolution of purpose-driven performance.
Advertising Trends
Advertising Trends
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