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GSG Customer Innovation wit Christer Damm
January 2024
by GSG

GSG Customer Innovation : Christer Damm’s Journey from Vouchers to Cashback

Christer Damm, Senior Director of Engineering at Global Savings Group (GSG), is a pivotal figure in product development, particularly in the transition from vouchers to cashback. His expertise and leadership have significantly contributed to enhancing GSG’s customer innovations across various platforms.

Engineering Leadership: A Multifaceted Role

“I am the engineering lead for multiple departments and these products you might have interacted with: iGraal (web & mobile), Shoop (web & mobile), our browser extensions (iGraal, Shoop, Cuponation, etc.), and our Gift Cards with Cashback,” states Christer. His focus is on “providing software engineering guidelines, and stepping in to minimize stress and tension.” Christer’s role is integral to the success of products that have been recognized for their impact, as seen in GSG’s triple success at the German Bonus Awards.

Adaptive Growth: Transitioning Between Business Areas

Reflecting on his growth at GSG, Christer notes, “The continuous drive to strive for the best product set for our customers and our company has provided me with opportunities to help establish post mortems as part of our incident management.” His journey includes moving from managing voucher sites like and, to focusing on cashback products, exemplifying GSG’s adaptability and customer-focused approach.

T-Shaped Engineering Mindset: Enhancing Team Efficiency

“I’m especially proud of having been the driving force behind establishing a T-Shaped engineering mindset across teams,” Christer expresses. This initiative “improved our throughput and quality while basically eliminating frustrations related to specialization and vague ownership,” which has been crucial in GSG’s growth.

Embracing GSG’s Flexible and Diverse Culture

Christer values flexible work culture, accommodating hybrid and remote working styles. He underscores the importance of bringing people together to “help improve our collaboration efficiency.” 

Join Our Progressive Team at GSG

Christer Damm’s journey at GSG demonstrates continuous innovation and a dedication to enhancing customer experiences. Inspired by his story and eager to be part of a team that values innovation and customer-centric development? Discover your next career opportunity with us by visiting GSG’s Career Page.

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